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Show Emotion for the robot with Oled display

Show Emotion for the robot with Oled display

In the construction of robots, especially mini-robots whose purpose is to interact with humans, the face of the robot is an important part of this project, which increases the interaction…

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DuinoCoin Miner using ESP32

A few months ago, we published a tutorial on extracting a currency code called DuinoCoin. In the previous tutorial, we performed the extraction operation with the help of Arduino boards.…

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IoT NODE ESP-NOW Based Project

In this project information from multiple ESP8266 boards via the ESP-NOW communication protocol with a one-to-Many scenario. several ESP boards send the data we want to one board. There is…

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Temperature MESH network design using ESP-MESH

In various projects, we tested the data transfer between ESP boards, but in this tutorial, we intend to test the design of the MESH mesh network along with the data…

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How to Make 2.4 GHz band Scanner With NRF24L01

In this project, we will build a 2.4GHz Wlan scanner using the nRF24L01 radio board. In this project, the output delivers all the interference and information in the scanned area…

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How To Make WiFi Scanner with ESP8266

در این آموزش قصد داریم به کمک ماژول ESP8266 شبکه های وای‌فای موجود را اسکن و نمایش دهیم، اگر این پروژه را اجرا کرده باشید اطلاع دارید که مقادیر SSID…

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Control 3D Model With MPU6050

تا به امروز آموزش های متفاوتی با استفاده ماژول ژایرو MPU6050 منتشر شده، در این آموزش قصد داریم با استفاده از ماژول پرکاربرد MPU6050  و همچنین نمایشگر Oled، یک مدل…

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